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Shelley Sykes


Inspirational speaker Shelley Sykes has spoken to audiences from as small as 100 people to 100,000 people at conventions & expos.  This includes Fortune 100 Companies to government educational bodies in over 22 countries.


Shelley received the Certified Professional Speakers award in 2005. After presenting to more than 250 companies on five continents. The amazing skill Shelley shares with her audiences are tips and tools that they can apply to their life straight away. While most people simply present, Shelley’s presentations are memorable and stick with her audience long after they return home.


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Topics of Focus:

Shelley always tailors her presentations to suit her audiences as well as the companies directives. This can include company jargon, culture, customers and key people where pertinent.

Shelley travels to conventions, expos, retreats and speaks on cruise liners.

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