Shelley Sykes

Picture of Shelley Sykes for her author page.


Shelley Sykes wrote her first book in 2001 when she had her hair burnt off her head and lost confidence to go out and speak and appear on TV as a new resident in Australia.

Her autobiographical book on surviving and helping her blind son see and walk after being in a major car accident was published by Simon Schuster Australia.  Callum’s Cure became a best seller and in 2006 won the Indie Book of Excellence for Parenting.  The book has undergone several updates as fans, who wish to continue to follow Shelley and son Callum Rory’s adventures and to be inspired.

Shelley continued to write books such as The Happiness Bug, Hats to Heels, Sexy Single & Ready to Mingle, Happy Workers Happy Hive and a series of Travel Books.

Shelley has won 5 USA Book awards and is currently living in the USA working on several TV Shows, Speaking internationally and yes her hair has grown back!

Also, Shelley has her new Music Album out Get Syked Mix 1 and it is available on CD Baby as well as iTunes and YouTube with 13 music videos.

Rory is an IT specialist and loves the USA Internet Speeds as well as the Pizza sizes!

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