• Happiness Tips from the award-winning Happiness Bug Book on how to find your own Happiness and balance.  The Tip book helps you stay Syked UP.  It is a book filled with messages that when opened at any page gives you the message you need at that moment to stay happy and Syked.
  • In Style Tips For Men from the award-winning book Hats to heels, a man can quickly open the page and get the message he is looking for whether it is how to dress for Polo, a Cruise, a ball and how to accentuate is car, clothes and watch to create an image or a brand that suits his personality, career or profile for that particular occasion.
  • Style Tips For Women is a must-have for those of you who really need a friendly helping hand to keep your wardrobe, current especially if you are going through body changes, job changes, new romances and want to look and feel your best.
  • The most important message about Happy Worker Tips is that you spend time doing what you truly love doing or are passionate about… this way work isn't working it's a joy and your passion and enthusiasm are felt by those around you…customers and colleagues notice the difference!
  • Fame Tips

    Fame Tips comes from the book Get Syked for Fame a TV Show & book where Shelley Sykes interviews celebrities from around the world whether they are scientists, top lawyers astronauts, budding actors, musicians & people who are following their bliss.  People like you taking a step towards their passion and purpose.   This tip book is a summation of anecdotes and tips that Shelley came up with to pass on, so it’s making it easier for you to open the page at any place and become inspired with her message, bringing you closer to your Fam ideals!
  • Love Tips for Women was created from the best-selling award-winning book sexy single and ready to mingle. This book you can open on any page and it gives you an amazing inspirational message that you’re probably ready to receive about relationships and being kind and loving to others and to yourself.
  • Love Tips for Men is an ideal book developed from the tips from sexy single and ready to mingle you can open it on any page and you get an inspirational tips about how to handle yourself and how the opposite sex will actually appreciate you in the ways that you need to express yourself it’s a quick guide to give you encouragement to be kind generous manly and loving.  
  • Parenting Tips emanate from the Indie Book of excellence and biographical book Callum's Cure. It's a must have to any parent to open at any page and get the calming and reassuring message you need at any particular time so that you can keep your calm!
  • Hats to Heels

    Success is synonymous with style. Shelley Sykes has both and shares this knowledge with you in this Best Selling Award Winning gem of a book, 'Hats to Heels'.
  • Happy Sexy Rich is a fictional adventure romantic comedy book that has the element of James Bond meets Sex in the City & Trading Places, spanning two continents.
  • In Road to Wealth, Shelley will explain how you can create a life of happiness joy and great abundance so that you live a healthy, wealthy, happy life in a way that suits your ideas and dreams whether it’s with things places or people this book will help you feel grateful for everything you have and help you manifest everything that you dreamed about that you would like to experience for yourself.
  • Shelley has always loved traveling around the globe learning new cultures, customs and communication skills with the locals of that particular country. At the end of the day, we are all humans trying to create happy experiences. This book will highlight some of the best places to visit Shop, stay and how best to communicate with the locals so that they feel respected and adored and open their arms to new visitors from different countries.

  • Happiness Bug

    Einstein said that: ‘Success comes to those that are persistent in finding new ways when the old ones don’t work.’ Journey on ‘The Happiness Experience’ and you can rediscover and highlight those talents and abilities, which can infect you for life to ensure the success and happiness you deserve. Learn the 9 Secrets to Happiness.  
  • Words of Inspiration is an award-winning book that Sykes You Up & calls you to action.  It can be read sequentially or you can open it on any page to inspire you with a message for today, this week or just this moment. …Try it!
  • Happy Workers Happy Hive Happy Customers is a great tool for corporations because if they create opportunities for people with skills and let them grow into those skills they will have a much more productive company and the team which creates a beautiful atmosphere at work. having beautiful surroundings with a joyful vibration also helps with productivity. customers always can tell when people love what they are doing.
  •  ‘Sexy Single & Ready to Mingle’ wonderfully helps the reader to increase their chances to find their ideal mate and become ‘Lucky-in-Love’