• Fame Tips

    Fame Tips comes from the book Get Syked for Fame a TV Show & book where Shelley Sykes interviews celebrities from around the world whether they are scientists, top lawyers astronauts, budding actors, musicians & people who are following their bliss.  People like you taking a step towards their passion and purpose.   This tip book is a summation of anecdotes and tips that Shelley came up with to pass on, so it’s making it easier for you to open the page at any place and become inspired with her message, bringing you closer to your Fam ideals!
  • Get Syked Fun Food Fashion is the name of Shelley’s TV Show, which showcases Top Fashion Designers and their latest collections and what inspired them to become a designer combined with Celebrity Chefs from the same country, cooking healthy Vegetarian and Pescetarian dishes for the 8 to 10 Celebrity Guests, while models parade and sometimes pinch the chefs delicacies as they demonstrate the wonderful fashions!
  • Happy Sexy Rich is a fictional adventure romantic comedy book that has the element of James Bond meets Sex in the City & Trading Places, spanning two continents.
  • Hats to Heels

    Success is synonymous with style. Shelley Sykes has both and shares this knowledge with you in this Best Selling Award Winning gem of a book, 'Hats to Heels'.
  • In Style Tips For Men from the award-winning book Hats to heels, a man can quickly open the page and get the message he is looking for whether it is how to dress for Polo, a Cruise, a ball and how to accentuate is car, clothes and watch to create an image or a brand that suits his personality, career or profile for that particular occasion.
  • Style Tips For Women is a must-have for those of you who really need a friendly helping hand to keep your wardrobe, current especially if you are going through body changes, job changes, new romances and want to look and feel your best.