• This book is written by behavioral psychologist & cultural communication expert Dr Shelley Sykes, who has traveled around the globe and has presented at many business events and has had to learn the hard way how people react with one another.  You will gain all the tips and tools on how to best negotiate cultural and communication differences so that you have a positive outcome with your business dealings from both points of you.
  • Hats to Heels

    Success is synonymous with style. Shelley Sykes has both and shares this knowledge with you in this Best Selling Award Winning gem of a book, 'Hats to Heels'.
  • Round the World with Rory is a children’s book based on the true life adventures of a little boy with Cerebral Palsy that gets to travel all over the world with his creative mum, including Antarctica.  The book inspires children anything is possible and teaches its readers a little about the culture and languages are spoken and what families can do in these amazing places on our planet.
  • Get Syked Fun Food Fashion is the name of Shelley’s TV Show, which showcases Top Fashion Designers and their latest collections and what inspired them to become a designer combined with Celebrity Chefs from the same country, cooking healthy Vegetarian and Pescetarian dishes for the 8 to 10 Celebrity Guests, while models parade and sometimes pinch the chefs delicacies as they demonstrate the wonderful fashions!
  • The most important message about Happy Worker Tips is that you spend time doing what you truly love doing or are passionate about… this way work isn't working it's a joy and your passion and enthusiasm are felt by those around you…customers and colleagues notice the difference!
  • Fame Tips

    Fame Tips comes from the book Get Syked for Fame a TV Show & book where Shelley Sykes interviews celebrities from around the world whether they are scientists, top lawyers astronauts, budding actors, musicians & people who are following their bliss.  People like you taking a step towards their passion and purpose.   This tip book is a summation of anecdotes and tips that Shelley came up with to pass on, so it’s making it easier for you to open the page at any place and become inspired with her message, bringing you closer to your Fam ideals!
  • Love Tips for Women was created from the best-selling award-winning book sexy single and ready to mingle. This book you can open on any page and it gives you an amazing inspirational message that you’re probably ready to receive about relationships and being kind and loving to others and to yourself.
  • Love Tips for Men is an ideal book developed from the tips from sexy single and ready to mingle you can open it on any page and you get an inspirational tips about how to handle yourself and how the opposite sex will actually appreciate you in the ways that you need to express yourself it’s a quick guide to give you encouragement to be kind generous manly and loving.  
  • Parenting Tips emanate from the Indie Book of excellence and biographical book Callum's Cure. It's a must have to any parent to open at any page and get the calming and reassuring message you need at any particular time so that you can keep your calm!